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Background Checks

Would you like to become part of the Quicktoo team!  First, we will need a background check done to see if you meet the requirements necessary to drive for Quicktoo.

When registering in the app, you will be required to upload a current photograph of yourself, a picture of your license and also your insurance policy in your profile screen.  You will then be contacted by Goodhire, an employment screening company via email within a few days.  They will require specific trusted information from you in order to meet the standard checks and balances in becoming a Quicktoo Driver.
Legal name
Date of birth
Residential address
Social Security number
The background check turnaround times range from a few hours to a few days. Our basic checks will search national criminal databases and driving records.  Both you and the Human Resources Department will receive a copy of this file.   If you dispute any information on this report there is a form you may fill out.  GoodHire will investigate your results free of charge and make any necessary changes within 30 days of receiving this form and supporting information.