Client Referral Program


Here’s how:

Receive $2 in gasoline credits for new clients who registers in the Quicktoo App and enters your referral code located on the Client Registration Form.

The new Client must use the Quicktoo service within 30 days of registering.

There’s more…

Receive $10 in gasoline credit for every new Driver that would like to come on board with Quicktoo!

Just have them enter your Client Referral Code in the Referral Box on the Driver Registration Form.

A total of 10 Client Services must be performed within 30 days of registering with Quicktoo.

    • Gasoline credits must be used in registered Client Vehicles only.  No additional vehicles or containers may be used.
    • Gasoline credits are non-transferable
    • Gasoline credits may only be applied to the purchase of gasoline and not other services.
    • Gasoline credits have no actual value.
    • Not valid with other offers.

A new Client or Driver MUST enter your unique referral code at the time that they register on the Quicktoo platform to be eligible

to receive referral gasoline credits.