Quicktoo Pricing

Here at Quicktoo it is important to us that our clients are very satisfied with the service they receive at the best cost. Below is the pricing for our services.

For Routine Vehicle Maintenance
(Includes gas & car wash, oil change, Inspection Sticker, etc.)

Service Fees

Initial period (10 Minutes) $11.00
Additional Time (per minute) .45

Quickie (Gas only)
Flat rate service fee $12.99

Quicktoo does not increase the original cost of any product. Whether it be gasoline, a car wash or an oil change, etc.
The client pays for the service driver and a small booking fee only. The client can tip the driver through the app. The driver gets 100% of that tip.
Because our drivers work within their own local area they will bring your vehicle to the closest surrounding service station within the location of the vehicle, whether it be for gas, inspection sticker or an oil change at one of our Preferred Service Locations.

Please see examples below of how Quicktoo works for you!
The Soccer Mom
Nicki, a busy soccer mom, works full time in an Industrial Park. She realizes her vehicle is due for an inspection sticker  and decides to schedule an appointment for the next morning using the Quicktoo app. She also decides to fill the tank with gas and request a car wash. 
John, a Quicktoo vetted driver accepts her request for the services she selected. He arrives at her workplace the following morning.  She meets him in the lobby and gives him her key and location of the vehicle.
When John returns with her vehicle she checks her receipts and notices that no extra costs were added to the services. She also realizes bundling services is the cheapest way to go. The driver costs were only a few dollars more to fill the tank and get a car wash. But wait, because she used the QuickEPay payment method she will enjoy 30¢ off each gallon of gas!  And best of all, she can enjoy all day Saturday with her family.
Nicki’s driver, John, was very courteous and polite. She plans on selecting him as a favorite driver for her next scheduled oil change. 

Nicki's Cost Breakdown  
Service Receipt
Inspection Sticker* $35
Gas 15 gal @ 2.56* $38.40
Car wash - Exterior $10.00
40 Minute Service Fee $24.50
30¢ Discount -$4.50
*Current Massachusetts Rate  
The Busy Office Guy
Justin notices that he’s overdue for an oil change. With a demanding work week he decides to request service from Quicktoo. When he taps on OIL CHANGE from the Service Picker screen, he notices 3 levels. He is not sure which to select so he goes with a conventional oil change. The next screen lists all Preferred Services locations and their proximity. Justin selects the one closest by.
At the scheduled time he hears a toot-toot on his phone informing him that Jake, the Quicktoo driver, has arrived.
The GPS in the Quicktoo app gives Justin the ability to see his vehicle at all times. Pretty cool!   After 12 minutes Justine received a message in the app from Jake. He wanted to let Justin know that the service attendant looked up the specification for his vehicle and noticed that it takes a full synthetic blend. Justin was able to respond to Jake's message and give his approval for the full synthetic blend as opposed to the conventional oil he selected earlier.
On his next oil change Justin will include refueling also to get a 50¢ discount* off every gallon of gas when he uses the QuickEPay method!
* when oil change is included with gas fill up.
Let's see what this ends up costing Justin
Services Receipt
Synthetic Blend Oil Change   $94.99*
25 minute Service Fee $17.75
*Price may vary at different Preferred Service locations  
The Late Night Nurse
Not for nothing, but Kristin has a problem stopping for gas at night and especially during stormy weather. She was late this morning for work at the hospital leaving no time to stop for gas. She decides to try Quicktoo and schedule an afternoon service. Her vetted driver, Ben, arrives at 3:30 and assures her he has experience driving in inclement weather.
Let's do the math for Kristen  
Services Receipt
Gas - 15 gal @2.56 $38.40
Fuel Only - Flat Rate Service Fee $12.99
First Time Gas discount -$4.50
Tip $3.00
Kristen was relieved knowing she did not have to stop for gas after work, and was able to go directly home. She learned because this was her first time to use Quicktoo she received a 30¢ discount off each gallon of gas.
At the end of the service Ben made sure that Kristen’s windshield was clear of ice.  Thankful to Ben for clearing the windows she tipped him $3.00 directly through the app.  The total cost with tip was $49.89.