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Where will my vehicle be taken for Routine Vehicle Maintenance?
When requesting Routine Vehicle Maintenance your vehicle will be delivered to a Quicktoo approved Preferred Service Location in your area.  You will be shown a list of these Preferred Service Locations on your mobile device.  The Quicktoo recommended location is shown in the blue box at the top of the list.  The recommended location is based on a variety of items including distance, hours of operation, pricing and scheduling.  You may, in most cases, be able to choose another Preferred Service Location from the list.
Where will my vehicle be taken for a "Quickie" (refueling only)?
Sometimes all you need is a tank of gas.  Quicktoo uses the "Nearest and Best" method in determining a refueling location.  The Quicktoo Driver will select a location based on a variety of items including, pricing and hours of operations.
How much does Routine Vehicle Maintenance Cost?
Routine Vehicle Maintenance is based solely on the length of the service,  Pricing does not begin until your vehicle is picked up by the Driver and ends when the Driver returns the vehicle to you.   Currently, a 30-minute service would cost $17.95, a 45-minute service would cost $23.92 and a 1- hour service would cost $29.89 plus the parts and labor.  Our Refueling only has a fixed fee of $9.99 (plus product) and an oil change has a fixed fee of only $9.99 (plus product)
How much does a "Quickie" (refueling only) cost?
The Quicktoo Driver will pick up your vehicle and return it to your for a fixed price of only $9.99. Note that when adding any other service to the request will result in Routine Vehicle Maintenance pricing.
Who is picking up and driving my vehicle?
Safety is the number one concern at Quicktoo. We conduct a comprehensive background check on all Drivers including local, state and national data bases. Should you ever have any issues or concerns regarding a Driver, you are encouraged to contact Quicktoo at cs@quicktoo.com.
Is my information secure?

You can be assured that your information is protected. All data is secured by a compliant payment processer.

Is my vehicle insured ?
Yes. Your vehicle is fully insured while in the care, custody and control of a Quicktoo Service Provider
I work in an office park, what if the Service Provider has to park my vehicle in a different spot?
The Driver will make every effort to return your vehicle to the same location or another spot close by. When this is not possible, the  Driver will inform you personally or send you a text as to its location.

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